Compiling and running Java Source code using GraalVM and Oracle Java Development Kit

GraalVM is a Java VM and JDK based on HotSpot/OpenJDK, implemented in Java. It supports additional programming languages like Java,Python, Ruby, Javascript R and execution modes, like ahead-of-time compilation of Java applications for fast startup and low memory footprint.

All these examples will work with Oracle Java Development Kit too.

In this tutorial the user will learn

  1. Learn to compile .java files using GraalVM /Oracle JDK
  2. Learn to run the java class files using GraalVM /Oracle JDK
  3. Learn how to compile java source files in different directories
  4. Learn to specify the location of the compiled java classes using -d flag of javac compiler
  5. Learn to compile multifile multiclass java files using GraalVM/Oracle JDK.
  6. Learn to oset Classpath for javac and other flags of javac compiler

Original tutorial can be found here

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